Architecture of Sustainability

Sunday, May 07, 2006

feedback from Patty Rose

Patty Rose reflections

We need a new version of The Fountainhead; one that redefines a contemporary Howard Roark as part of an interdisciplinary, collaborative, design team that contributes to designing sustainably.

Design, sustainability, green … leading us down a path of considering the architects role and responsibility in the public domain; aren’t we trained in problem solving techniques and ways of thinking that could contribute to addressing the challenges of our time.
Strong storytelling skills are essential to moving your audience to making at least one new choice.

Affordable green is the key. If it isn’t economical then it is only for those with money to spare. Where is the environmental and social justice in that?

If architects are only talking to each other it will never be enough to seed the change that needs to take place. I want to encourage those who are doing work that enables the public to see sustainable building as a powerful way to demonstrate necessary change to give their work and their ideas a strong, articulate voice in the public conversation.


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